Working through emotions

Dissolving emotions from Be Creative Daily on Vimeo.

After making the last film which expressed all that I was going through over the weekend, I felt cleansed, I felt stronger.

It was a very vulnerable experience sharing such raw emotions, but the responses I received confirmed that I was doing the right thing in sharing… opening doors for others to express how they feel.

This morning I felt compelled to experiment further with the film, cut it, reverse it, speed it up, to express the fact that sharing the emotions had been a healing experience and had enabled me to confront them, make friends with them, conquer them and move on. (This new film can be seen above.)

It is a long and winding path we travel, but if we acknowledge our feelings and allow ourselves to feel them deeply, we can learn from them also and in doing this, we enable ourselves to feel JOY more deeply too.

This morning, I created a piece of art (see below) which, I hope, illustrates the transformation we make when we embrace our darker, more difficult emotions, work through them and come out the other side shining.

I would love to hear of your own experiences if you feel like sharing.
With love,
Julia x

Gratitude… my window to the world

I have always thought of my front window as a little window to the world… a window through which I can witness the world outside, the people who pass by, the postman on his way, the neighbours going out to and coming home from work. Also, it is a little window from the outside in… a snapshot of my life for all to see… the boys dancing on a lively morning, me adding a touch of lipstick before I leave the house, the photos on my wall… not clearly visible from the outside in, but there.

I have never been one for shutting myself off from what’s going on around me… I would rather be wide open than hidden behind nets or curtains and so, I have also considered, many a time, what a great little gallery my front window would make. I have hung the boys’ drawings from a little midway line, balanced stained glass and little handmade sculptures on the ledge, both for me to see from inside and others to see from the outside.

I have always felt grateful… lucky to have wonderful friends, family, a home, plenty to eat, work that I love… grateful for so many things, yet it is only recently that I have begun a practice of gratitude. The boys and I share, during journeys in the car, the things we are grateful for on that day. Hearing the things that make them smile and feel happy offers me a little window into their worlds… I see them smile often, but this gives me the chance of finding out what makes them smile on the inside… what we should be doing more of… what matters. And so, with this in mind, I purchased a little heart-shaped chalk board which I am now using daily to share the things that matter to me… the things I am grateful for. By sharing the things I am grateful for, I hope that the boys will continue to do the same. Small boy was keen to join in with the chalks yesterday, drawing a smiling friend on his side of the board. And I have chosen to share my gratitude with the world outside my window… and hope that by doing so others may consider the things that have made them smile as they pass by my home and see the things that have brought happiness into my life on that day.

Today, I am grateful that I have an outlet (BeCreativeDaily) for what’s in my heart and on my mind and I am grateful for those wonderful souls (YOU!) who take the time to read the little snippets of life that I share here. I am grateful that last year I reconnected with my love of art and the renewed sense of curiosity, joy and wonder it has brought to my life. And I am grateful for what, for me, are the simplest of pleasures, such as the grilled tomatoes and avocado on toast that I am about to enjoy for my lunch, but for so many people in the world would be a feast beyond their wildest dreams. How lucky I am.

I would love to know what you feel grateful for today.
Who or what is putting smile on your face and in your heart?
Please take a moment share it here…

With love,
Julia x

p.s. If you like my heart chalkboard and wish to take up the idea of a daily gratitude practice, this is the one I use and would highly recommend…