Share joy through art

Share joy through artAfter a break from posting of exactly one month, I am back with a clear intention for the year ahead… to SHARE JOY THROUGH ART!

The mind map above was the result of a brain storming session this afternoon, with a focus on what I want to achieve this year. I am sure I will return to the map… add words, thoughts, feelings and more… but for now, just looking at it makes me excited. I am raring to go and I can almost feel how doing all of this wonderful stuff will energise and inspire me (and hopefully others too) over the months ahead.

So, with the idea of sharing joy through art, I would like to invite you to sign up for my monthly newsletter, the first edition of which will be with subscribers by the end of January and will include new creations, inspirations and news of upcoming workshops.

And whilst we are on the subject of sharing… please let me know what your own intention is for this New Year. I would love to hear of your creative projects and if you have created your own map or vision board, please let me know… I would love to share it here!

Here’s to a colourful, creative, inspiring 2013 for everyone!
Happy New Year!
With love,
Julia x

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