A perfect working day

Yesterday, I skipped out of the door, Summer dress on and a big grin on my face. After dropping the boys off at childminder and school, I was off to do what I love.

The morning began with a trip to see an artist friend to discuss a potential exhibition. A visit with John is always a pleasure as new paintings appear on such a regular basis that I see something new every time I go to his art-filled flat. He has decided to let go of his work. He wishes to free up space in his home. A compulsive creator, he is barely able to move in some rooms for art work. We are looking for a venue and funding to exhibit hundreds of works before releasing them out to the world, to new homes, to begin new lives.

Popping in on a friend round the corner, I was taken round the other corner and introduced to a chap who runs a cafe with two wonderful empty walls. He is installing a hanging system and will soon be seeking art to fill that space. A lively new venue for art. It is exciting to have a few little potential exhibition spaces in mind. Come September, I should have little windows of time to go back to curating and look forward to filling some already buzzing places with inspiring art.

In the afternoon, I met with my Step Up researchers at the Royal Academy of Arts. Six artist researchers are working with an audio describer to create an audio tour for an upcoming show at Pallant House Gallery. I am in my element… leaning new skills in a wonderful Museum with fabulous people.

I slotted a little visit to Child Hood Рa Kids Company exhibition Рinto a window between  meetings in town yesterday. I was moved, inspired and filled with all manner of thoughts and emotions that are rarely raised in me during art experiences. These thoughts may make up a future post. I was filled with ideas for the school art club and was reminded of the great healing power of art. Many of the children whose work was exhibited here have had lives you would not wish to imagine, yet they have created art that goes beyond words. If you have the opportunity, I urge you to go. Experience if for yourself, but be sure to take a hanky!
My working day was chaotic, but fun. Art, artists, trying to make a little bit of difference where I can and bring in some ¬£ at the same time. It’s a challenge, but one that I enjoy! My group and I got to see behind the scenes at the R.A. school. I felt so privileged. We walked the corridors with eyes wide and gained special entry into the iconic Life Room, unchanged from its inception in the eighteenth century and normally only accessible to students of the Royal Academy. It was here that celebrated artists such as Turner and Constable would have sat.

Life Room at the Royal Academy Art School

Summer had passed by the time I left the Royal Academy and so, in my Summer dress and sandals, I stepped out into puddles of rain and took a brisk walk to just north of Oxford Street for a glass of wine and a catch up with a curator friend. His flat was almost empty. Packed up as he is decamping to Trinity Buoy Wharf; a thriving creative community which exists on the opposite side of the Thames to the 02.

Anticipating a great day, I had posted my gratitude list and returned home satisfied with a good day’s work and determined that days like these should be more frequent in my working life as I move back into the world of regular employment, albeit on a freelance, free-range basis.

What would your perfect working day be? What would you be doing? Where would you be? Who would you be working with? How would you feel?

Yesterday came close to being mine and it sure felt good.

Spend a moment dreaming up your ideal working day. Live it in your head.
What single, small step could you take right now towards making that happen?

Here’s to working days like these.