Good Day Cards

Good day cards - reverse

Good day cards – reverse

Good Day Cards are pocket-sized prompts to sit with quietly over morning coffee and complete the following sentences:
Today, I am…
I want to feel…

The front of each card offers a reminder to “Take a moment to breathe”.
Our days can be so frantic and all too often, we get out of bed and slip instantly and unconsciously into our roles or routines without even thinking about who we are outside of our role as mother / daughter / partner / employee and not considering how we want to feel or what we want to achieve on a day to day basis.

The needs of others can all too easily take over, but starting your day with a just a few quiet moments to focus on yourself can make the difference between an average day and a good day. It is for this reason that I created these Good Day Cards… to start the day with an intention, not only of what you want to do, but how you want to feel, with aim of creating a good day, every day. Of course, there are ups and downs to every day… things can start off well, then something happens to upset the balance, but, if we dig deep, we can almost always find something to feel grateful for before we sleep. This is why I added the gratitude list. Shifting the focus to the good does not mean denying the difficult aspects of our lives, but it does mean that we take time to reflect on what went well, day by day. When we notice what works, we can truly appreciate the good things. Noticing the things we are grateful for and reflecting on these, can act as a reminder to try and include more of this good stuff in our daily plans and routines.

You may also wish to write out the things you are grateful for (I suggest a list of three) as part of your morning practice, or you may prefer to return to your card at the end of the day and complete the sentence “I am grateful for…” as a reflection on your day.

Good Day Cards - take a moment

Good Day Cards – take a moment

Each morning now, I sit, in my grandmother’s re-upholstered chair, or on my garden bench, with one of my Good Day Cards, a favourite pen and a cup of coffee in one of my loveliest mugs, breathing deeply and considering…
Who I am and what do I want to achieve?
How do I feel in the moment and how do I want to feel?
What I am grateful for today?

I use my cards to help me begin my day in a positive way, with a few moments of quiet and with kindness to myself, firm in the belief, that the better I treat myself, the kinder I will be to those I love and who matter most to me. I would like you to use the Good Day Cards as a prompt to be kinder to yourself each morning and to live each day with purpose, from a place of awareness.

The cards can be used in different ways…
The I am… can be the beginning of a statement of intent, for example,
I am going to write a blog post or I am unplugging from technology.
When using your I am statement in this way, take a moment to commit. You are committing to one action, just for today.
It can be your commitment to self-care: I am
Alternatively, you could use your I am as an affirmation, stating, I am loved; I am healthy; I am blessed.
When using your I am statement in this way, speak it out loud to yourself, trust and believe it and use it as your mantra throughout the day.

I want to feel… is slightly more straightforward. How do you want to feel today?
Do you want to feel creative? Do you want to feel connected to your family? Do you want to feel energised or at ease? However you choose to complete your I want to feel statement, think about what you can do to feel that way. Be proactive! Find ways, not only to create opportunities for that feeling in your day, but be on the look out for moments when you feel the emotion, but may have let it slip by unacknowledged, had you not flagged it up as your intention of the day.

After taking time out to complete these two sentences, slip your card into your pocket and keep it with you throughout the day, checking in whenever you need a little reminder to be kinder to yourself.

I am grateful for… is an opportunity to count your blessings.
You may choose to complete this little list (I say list as I suggest you write out three simple things) in the morning as a positive way to start your day. My personal choice is to use my gratitude practice for reflection at the very end of the day. When I started writing a gratitude list just before I lay down in bed, I found that my ability to fall asleep and the quality of my sleep improved greatly.

This is the very first time I am offering these Good Day Cards to you. Each pocket-sized card measures 85 x 55mm, printed both sides. All cards are printed with the same front image, reminding you to “Take a moment to breathe” and the same prompts on the reverse sides, to help build this consistent habit into your morning routine. I am keeping the price as low as possible for this small print run.

Try them out and make a difference to your day, every day!
Cards are available in sets of 28, giving you a card each morning for 4 whole weeks for just £7.49 + £1.00 postage & packing (UK only).

If you have any questions, please contact me.
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2 thoughts on “Good Day Cards

  1. The cards are a delight to look at & will be stimulating to use. I’m impressed by the neat envelope in which the cards are enclosed. I’ve given my first set to a friend & she’s pleased with them.

    • Frank, I am delighted that you like the cards and that your friend is pleased with her set too. Thank you for your kind comments. They were fun to make and it makes me happy that others will benefit.

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