Sharing JOY. This is my mission. How do YOU do it?

I have been away from the blog for a little while now. My focus for the past month has been on gratitude. In forming my regular gratitude practice, I felt the desire to capture some of the things I was thankful for and share with others that happy feeling. I posted gratitude notes, I took more photographs, I connected with a small group of women in 4 different countries as we posted our daily gratitude in a closed Facebook group and followed the prompts I was sending by email to encourage creative expressions of gratitude as we built our daily practice. I came to realise that whilst a solo gratitude practice can be good, how much better it is when shared.

My exploration for March is expressions of JOY. Joy is something I feel on a regular basis. I am struck by it from time to time and it always goes hand in hand with gratitude. I am working on how I can capture it… seeking new ways to express joy creatively and becoming more aware of such creative outbursts when they occur naturally. It is an exciting journey, especially as I am on a path to sharing it.

If you would like to find out more about this little mission of mine, you can take a look at the video I created at the start of my 30 Day Challenge. The challenge is to Share JOY through ART. I hope it is something you can connect to as I hope, over the coming months, to spread this feeling far and wide. There will be more on how I intend to do this shortly, but in the mean time, please leave a little comment and tell me the ways in which you share joy creatively… or how someone you know does.

30 Day Challenge 2013… Share JOY through ART from Be Creative Daily on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Sharing JOY. This is my mission. How do YOU do it?

  1. Hi Julia – Christopher Digby put me onto you rpost!

    I share joy by drawing and painting animals that attract me and whose mannerisms and gestures make me smile. I suppose I paint in order to connect deeply to the subject which is how I express my love f rthem:)

    • Hello Alison,
      So glad that Christopher sent you over to the blog.
      Thank you for connecting and sharing here. I LOVE your gorgeous paintings. They are indeed joyful and you capture that magical, mysterious something… the very essence that is so captivating about animals so beautifully in your work. x

    • Thank you Sarah. Things are taking surprising turns over here. Feels like a rollercoaster ride at the moment, but I believe this winding path is leading in the right direction. x

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