No goals, just simple statements and a gratitude list

Happy New YearI’ll be honest… I have been wrestling with a blog post for this period between Christmas and New Year for almost a week. I have written at length and I have tried to keep it brief, but neither felt right, so I’m starting again with three statements for 2014 and another three for 2015. There is no ticking off lists and measuring achievements, no setting big, bold goals for the year ahead, just simple sentences which I will finish myself and then leave you with to answer as you wish.

In 2014…

The most important thing I learned was investing in myself.
I surprised myself by embracing my fear and learning to sail in spite of not really being able to swim.
I was most in flow when working with others in a collaborative situation, encouraging and enabling creativity.

In 2015…

I would like to collaborate with as many other artists as possible.
I would like to learn how to swim with confidence.
I would like support with my website.

And one last thing… if you really want to reflect on the joys of the year, I suggest you write out a gratitude list. I will be writing my own this evening and I invite you to join me. Make it as long as you like… let it all flow, just start here…
Today, I am grateful for…

Feel free to share your statements and lists in the comments below.

You are right up there on my gratitude list.

Happy New Year to you!


5 thoughts on “No goals, just simple statements and a gratitude list

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  2. Hi Julia,
    Happy New year!
    Congratulations on your 2014 achievements. Every year we say we are going to learn to sail and then never do (sounds fun).

    In 2015
    I would like to create much more – and share my work good and bad
    I would like to connect with other artists and creators
    I would like to attend an art or creativity class or workshop


    • Happy New Year to you Tara!
      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your statements for 2015. That mode of create, create, create can be quite satisfying once you get past the desire to make everything good. The hurdle of sharing both the good and the bad is an important exercise in vulnerability and one I would highly recommend.
      My first sailing adventure (just two nights on the boat) was a very short notice commitment. It took a certain sailor a lot of persuasion, but I am so glad I said YES! My advice would be JUST DO IT! A weekend is all you need to get a taste for it and I really had no idea if I would survive the first night afloat, but from the moment I stepped on board I was sold. Adventures await you! x

  3. Well done for your 2014 achievements! I know you had so many more too 😉 Wishing you every success with your 2015 statement – may you surpass them and achieve so much in addition too!

    • Thank you so much dear Sheelah. What a year 2014 has been for you too! I do hope our paths will cross again in person before too long. Wishing you the most marvellous 2015. xxxx

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