Living life as an adventure

It is 18 months since I started this blog and when I look back, I realise that so much has developed in that time. This particular adventure began on May 1, 2012 with a 30 Day Challenge when I committed to my creativity for one month and started documenting it here. Little did I know that this would lead me to teaching art to children, running workshops for adults, painting on the pavement outside my favourite Indian restaurant to celebrate Diwali and to this month sitting on the other side of the 30 Day Challenge fence as a Screw Work Let’s Play team member and 30DC Genie. I love shining my own light and carrying the torch for others and their talents, so this feels like the perfect role for me.

Following my own creative path and being open to whatever may unfold has really allowed me to enjoy life as an adventure this past year. At the start of the Summer, I exchanged my Tesco clubcard vouchers for a flight to Glasgow where I enjoyed an art-filled weekend in a city I had not visited for 20 years. Last week, I hopped on the Eurostar to attend an Outsider Art Fair at a Paris hotel and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the magazine Raw Vision at the Halle Saint Pierre where I co-curated an exhibition of British Outsider Art in 2008.

Giving myself permission to live life on my terms, embracing my creativity and allowing daily life to become an adventure is what it’s all about right now. It was this spirit of adventure that led me to having my hair cut in the street outside the Centre Pompidou by the Hair Cowboy last week… the same spirit of adventure which led me to write a love letter to Dishoom and to my collaborations with them… the same spirit of adventure that seeks out the people who inspire me and the places I love and leads me to connect these dots whenever I can. This past week alone, I have hopped on the back of a horse for the first time in 20+ years, created a giant self-portrait in the sand and strolled the streets of Paris in search of art.

Right now, it may not be bringing me riches, but I am living a much more fulfilled life. The next step of the mission is to encourage others to live a fulfilled and adventurous life created on their own terms too… Kickstart Your Creativity begins here at home tomorrow… let’s see what unfolds.

What one thing can you do today to make your life feel a little more adventure and less mundane?

With love,
Julia x

5 thoughts on “Living life as an adventure

  1. Hi again Julia,

    Yes I am finding some little pockets of time to pursue my artistic-creativity – as you say it’s so vital to wellbeing, so I am carving out little time pockets here and there :-)

    I love the idea of art teaching and workshops; I may well look into those things one day.

    Thanks for your continued encouragement, and stopping by to have a look at my gallery – much appreciated. xxx

  2. So glad to hear that you’re life is much more fulfilled because of your creativity. Fantastic stuff :-)

    I hope to do some drawing later on today while my daughter’s at her swimming class and I was pleased to find time to write a poem the other day. Also, I got my gallery up on my blog and I’m trying to do a bit of editing/writing for NaNoWriMo. I’m pretty pleased with all this, but I’m not sure my family see it as proper ‘work’ because it doesn’t directly help with finances. I think that’s something a lot of mothers struggle with.

    Anyway, good to connect with you (and I hope you got my last email?) Take care x

    • I trust that you are still finding little windows of time for your creativity. It’s great to see your gallery up on the blog. I totally agree that creativity is often not seen as “proper work”, but it is something so vital to our wellbeing that we must continue to pursue it. Keep playing, feel your way and you may well find a way for your creativity to help with finances. I make some money from my art teaching and workshops, but more importantly, I just love it and I think if you do and share what you love it shows and grows.
      Julia x

  3. Fab post Julia and I’m so excited for you. I too feel like life is much more of adventure since the 30DC 18 months ago. I wonder what adventures the next 18 months will bring?

    • Ah, thank you Sally. Glad to hear that life is feeling more adventurous for you too. Let’s keep in touch and share our adventures in the coming weeks, months and beyond. x

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