Inspiration and time

Last night's drawings on brown paper

Last night, whilst enjoying a 3-hour burst of creativity, something struck me… and I felt instantly grateful for inspiration and the time to create.

For years I battled with the fact that one always came without the other, but last night, fingers stained with oil pastels, pen in hand, it struck me that for some time now, they have arrived in unison and that my creativity has been flowing freely without me even noticing.

Is this luck, or something else? I feel lucky, yes, but I believe this current combination of the two essential ingredients to my creativity comes down to one thing: commitment to my art. I acknowledge that art is one of the most important aspects of my life and my art deserves as prominent a place in my day as it has in my heart.

Is there something you have been putting off doing because you feel you cannot justify it?
Is there something you would love to be doing if you only had the inspiration or the time?
If so, just for one week, try this: commit to it and make time (even if it’s only 10 mins).

Acknowledge your commitment to your art (or dancing or photography or writing, be it music or another passion) in the comments right here, then check back in a week and let me know how you feel.

Making time for art can be justified purely by the pleasure it gives me. In making my art and engaging in my passion, I am happier person, doing what I love and sharing the joy I feel through following my heart.

May you be blessed with the same and long may it last.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration and time

  1. Ah, Marija, thank you so much for your sweet comments! How wonderful to connect with another fellow creative adventurer on life’s artistic journey.

    I just stopped by your lovely blog and the words that really struck me were these: “I don’t know where my own art journey will take me, but wherever it leads me I will be mindful of this: the actual act of creativity is the real reward.”
    YES! You’ve got it!

    Keep writing your beautiful poems and sharing your art.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    With love, Julia x

  2. Hi!

    I found you through Parent Tribe and just wanted to say that I love stopping by your blog from time to time. I’ve just begun my own artistic journey, so it’s good to find others ‘out there’ who are on their own artistic journey too.

    Best wishes, and many thanks for the inspiring words :-)

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