If you go down to the woods today…

Today, I was grateful for the blue sky and sunshine, calling me outside, encouraging me to do all of those things I have been wanting to do these chilly weeks gone by.

This morning I planted bulbs… a little late, admittedly, but I have faith that they will soon push through the soil and bring colour to my Spring garden, if a little behind schedule.

Oh, nature! How I love you…

I love the things that you do and the things that you leave behind and I love the noises you make and the big full up feeling I get in my heart when I spend time with you.

This afternoon, I needed to let the boys run, climb, explore.

Too much of the Easter break had been spent indoors and we were all itching to roam, so the afternoon passed happily, out in the park, exploring the woods, playing and making art.

There is a particular spot in Trent Park that we all like to return to. For the boys, it is about building bridges, making dams. For me, it is about gathering sticks and stones and bark and making art. And so, we each did our own thing, immersed in our chosen activities, our paths crossing from time to time, the boys giving me bits of bark as they hacked away at fallen trees with branches as weapons and me giving a helping hand from when a wellington boot needed emptying of water or needed to be forced back on to a soggy foot.

And safely home, boys bathed and in bed, clothes washing, me early into pyjamas, I embarked on the task of turning photos into video. So here, for your eyes only (Password: Art), is what I did today when I chose to play in my own way.


Nature Art from Be Creative Daily on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today…

    • Thank you Nina. I have a small vase of flowers here and I am just itching to turn the petals into a mandala. It was fun learning to make the video and thinking about all of the possibilities for sharing art in this way. x

  1. Hi Julia, Wow.. I love how you’ve written about your day and how you captured the creation of this fantastic piece… how it builds and then finally showing it to us in context of it’s surroundings at the end.. inspired… viewing your video has given me a nice end of the day – Thank you

    • Thank you so much Frank. This was my first time experimenting with this kind of sharing and I love it. Showing the piece in context was a last minute thought, so I am glad you liked that. x

      • Dear Julia lovely little film modest in materials
        and powerful in image, creating a simplicty of nature
        A sort of natural mandala.Thanks from P.

        • Thank you for your kind comments Phil. I had a mandala in mind when I started gathering materials and this is an area I would like to explore further. It is such fun and very relaxing to be out in the elements gathering materials and creating such things.

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