Fragility and growth

Last night, I was wondering what it would be like to create at the beginning of the day, rather than after dark. This morning, I awoke with the word “fragile” on my mind. Feeling somewhat flat last night and questioning myself and my mission here, I had reached out for help. It was suggested to me that I use my creations to track and express my moods and emotions… something I do inadvertently at times, but rarely consciously.

So, this morning I set out to express that feeling of fragility. Blue seemed the obvious colour to use for this word and an egg (raw) seemed the perfect canvas. As I took photographs of the painted egg, two other things caught my eye… some cress planted a few days ago, beginning to grow on a tray in the kitchen and some grass planted out in the garden a few weeks ago, now an inch or so high. In my mind I began to explore the connections between fragility and growth.

I will not go into detail here, other than to say that at that moment… photographing the egg, noticing the growth from the seeds, I saw myself as those fresh shoots… green, new, growing.

In the morning rain, the paint washed off, but the egg remained intact.

When we plant little seeds, they are fragile, delicate, vulnerable, but treated in the right way, loved and nurtured, they flourish and grow. I hope that in acknowledging my own fragility… in allowing myself to be vulnerable, but treating myself with love and care, I am paving the way for fresh growth and new learning.

4 thoughts on “Fragility and growth

  1. What you have written is beautiful Julia. The whole concept of fragility and growth and drawing it back to you is very profound. Maybe in doing this project your poetic creative mind is also coming alive as well as your artistic talent shining through. Love it!

  2. Julia, how lovely to see you express and grow here on our 30DC journey. You are artistic and creative. So much of what you shared resonate, and remind what I already know. It’s a third way today and I rapidly need to catch up. Feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated with my fatigue and various distractions.

    • Thank you William. The greatest pleasure is to be doing this journey with others… to be connecting with other creative souls as we all experience, share and learn together.

      A lot of what I am discovering and sharing here is a re-learning… finding a way back to doing the things I used to do so naturally, but somehow forgot along the way.
      “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Picasso

      One step at a time is the way forward I believe. Yours is a big and specific mission. Focus on the end goal, yes, but enjoy the journey, live, play along the way. It is supposed to be FUN! Treat yourself with care and you’ll get there. x

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