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Inspiration Days… meet up, make friends, make art and get inspired!
Inspiration days are designed to get you out and about, connecting with people in fabulous locations and making art on the spot. What could be more fun?

Winter is here… the time of year when it’s hibernation vs. wrapping up warm, getting out and about and trying something new.
Fear not! Inspiration Days are here to brighten the darker months with creativity and connection in the vibrant city of London and help make that decision easier for you… come out to play!

The next Inspiration Days will be announced soon on to please join the 80+ people who are already part of the Be Creative Daily London Meet Up group.

Who I am…

I am Julia. I am an artist and a Mum. I do not come from a traditional art background, so please do not expect me to have a vast knowledge of Art History. What I do have is a Creator’s brain; an artist’s eye; an endless stream of ideas and wide range of experience in the field of art. I studied three dimensional design with a focus on ceramics… I made sculptural works of women based on grottoes and shell gardens. Creating these felt like a meditation. My experience spans 15 years at an international art magazine, where I worked as Senior Editor; instigator and co-curator of a major art exhibition at Halle Saint Pierre in Paris as well as curating numerous independent art exhibitions in venues, from the function room of a Soho pub to the smallest gallery in London. I teach art to 6-11 year olds, offer workshops for their Mums and for the past 5 years, I have run the Interpreting Collections programme at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, working with groups of adults, supporting them in researching artists in the collection and producing interpretative responses in a variety of media, from poetry to film and beyond. I will put you at ease and help you tap into your creativity in unexpected ways. Inspiration is everywhere!

Will you join me…?

Group Inspiration Days
Group Inspiration Days take place on London’s South Bank or other inspiring venues where we will meet over coffee and then get creative! Our time will be spent on a variety of creative activities based on the theme of the day. Exercises will be playful and pressure-free.
The structure of the day will be flexible. Whilst I always have a loose structure in mind, in true Creator style, I like to remain open and go where the energy takes me on the day.

Inspiration Days are open to everyone. If you are an artist already and wish to connect with other creatives, please come along. If you do not feel creative at all, but would like to see the world through an artist’s eyes for the day, welcome… this is your chance! I have five years’ experience facilitating groups with a creative focus at Pallant House Gallery. There can be a rather magical energy when a variety of people with a wide range of interests and abilities come together and connect over art. I do hope you will join us.

If you would like your very own one to one Inspiration Day (or a shorter session), this can be arranged.
One to one Inspiration Days begin at 10.30am at a mutually agreed venue where we will connect over coffee. Prior to our meet-up, I will get a feel for what you want to get out of our day and will tailor the day accordingly.

Perhaps you are an artist with a particular mission in mind, but need a little support. Maybe you want to organise your own exhibition, but don’t know quite where to begin. I would be happy to talk this through with you during the day as we explore and make art.

You may have no experience of art-making, but just wonder what on earth it would feel like to spend a day in the city, seeing the world through an artist’s eyes and playing with colour and form.

Whoever you art, whatever your creative desires, an Inspiration Day can be created around you! Please contact me for more information.

Wondering what you need to bring?
A camera (could even be the one on your phone), a notebook and favourite pen. That’s all… I will provide any other materials that may be required. Refreshments will be available from the locations we visit, but are not included in the price, so feel free to bring your own if you wish. A mild to curious sense of adventure is essential. Please be prepared to laugh and smile a lot!

I can’t wait to meet you and start creating. Let’s have some fun!

Inspiration everywhere

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