21 Days of Creative Freedom

Creative freedom

21 Days of Freedom

Please contact me to register your interest in this course.

21 DAYS OF CREATIVE FREEDOM is an online course to kickstart your creativity and get you making art in just ten minutes each day for three weeks.
Start now… you won’t want to stop!

Would you like to receive daily emails with simple prompts to guide you?
Are you stuck in a creative rut?

Do you find that you don’t have the time / energy / inspiration / confidence to make art?
Are you a creative at heart, but don’t know where to begin?
Do you see others making art with ease and want to do the same?
Would you like to connect with a small group of people who feel just like you, sharing experiences and creations in a safe and supportive environment?
Would you like to be given simple tips and ideas to get you going when you feel stuck?

It’s time you discovered Creative Freedom for yourself…

The keys to Creative Freedom could be in your hands.

I will send you an e-mail every day for 21 days. Each e-mail will contain simple prompts to get you motivated, unstuck and making art again. It doesn’t matter if you make art regularly, but feel stuck and uninspired, or if you have not made art since you were at school… you get out what you put in, so put your heart into the art and see what happens! Embracing my creativity and giving myself the freedom to make art, make mistakes and keep creating anyway was incredibly liberating.
I want the same for you!

I have been there…
Having been actively creative all of my life, all of my creative energy and confidence dried up when I finished my degree. For a period of 15 years, I worked with other artists, documenting, exhibiting and promoting their art, but gave up on my own creativity. Two years ago, I decided to make friends with my creativity once again and I made a decision to actively invite creativity back into my life. Everything changed! I discovered a whole range of exercises and ideas on my path to creative freedom. If you are ready to welcome creativity back into your life, I would like to share these tools with you.

Release yourself from creative blocks; connect with fellow creatives on the path to artistic freedom.

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to a more joyful, creative life… to work on a fun and playful practice with the opportunity of sharing your challenges, learnings and creations with a group of like-minded people.

Please contact me to register your interest in this course.

Who is the facilitator?
My name is Julia Elmore. I am an artist, workshop facilitator and coach with over five years experience leading the Interpreting Collections programme at Pallant House Gallery; running creative workshops for women and children in North London and working with John Williams, author of Screw Work Let’s Play on his Screw Work Academy and as a Genie, supporting members of his Screw Work Academy and players on the 30 Day Challenge.

What will I get for my money?
You will receive daily prompts in your email inbox for 21 days and an invitation to join our secret Facebook group. Prompts will include inspirations, ideas and exercises to help you overcome the fears and frustrations that stop you making art. Each exercise has been tried and tested and is specially designed to get you unstuck and making art without being held back by perfectionism or fear. It’s about having fun and being creatively free! Prompts will also be posted in the Facebook group, where you will be invited to post your own creations and encourage others as they embrace and share their creative journey too.

How does it work?
Each weekday exercise will require just ten minutes of your time, but you can do more if you wish. At the weekend, there will be the opportunity to do a slightly bigger project and/or to catch up on the exercises of the week.

What do I need?
Paper and some kind of pens, pastels, scissors and a glue stick are the basic materials that will enable you to fully participate in the course, but I encourage you to improvise if you wish. You may also like to purchase a new journal to use for your creative journey. It can be fun to look back at what you have made.

When does it start and end?
Please contact me for upcoming course dates.

Do I have to participate daily?
No, it is not a requirement, but you will get more out of the course if you put more in. Committing to a daily creative practice takes just a few moments out of your day, but the benefits are huge. Try it!

Who is this group for?
Anyone wishing to make art and connect with other creative people. You do not need any experience and there are no formal requirements for joining, just a desire to make art. Come on in…

If you have any other questions, please contact me.
With love,
Julia x
“Julia helped me find freedom in my painting, standing up to paint immediately gave me a different perspective, feeling free to play and use hands, forks, brushes, plastic was so enjoyable and the most valuable part of the process for me was to not worry about the outcome; to just see what happens. I found more pleasure in painting in that 2 hour session than I have for years. Thank you Julia.”
Karen Wilson on her experience of a one to one painting session to Free the Artist Within.

“The minute you will get to work with Julia, you will experience her inner joy, love and beauty. These qualities shine through in whatever she does: her inspirational guidance, her art, her writing and her videos. Julia knows on a deep level the relevance of appreciating life and sharing joy. I feel very grateful and extremely fortunate to have the continuous support of this talented soul. On days, when I feel doubts and fears coming up, she always helps me see why I’m on this path of a creative life.”
Brigitte Gleissner, creativity coach, Seattle, USA

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  10. Hi Julia,
    I can’t draw or do art at all. It was my worst subject at school and I’ve never been able to do it. Anything I try and draw looks nothing like what it’s supposed to do. Is it still worth me having a go at this?

    • Hi Jo,
      If you would like to express yourself in new ways, then yes, it is definitely worth you having a go at this! You sound like the ideal candidate to me. The course is not about creating perfect works of art… far from it… it is about freeing yourself up creatively to find new ways of expressing yourself and liberating yourself from the fears that hold you back, such as lack of time, perfectionism, etc. You will also have the support of a friendly Facebook community. The tools I teach can also be useful in other areas of your life as well.
      Let me know what you think!
      With love,
      Julia x

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