Anticipation, Fear, Excitement, Freedom…

Anticipation, Fear, Excitement, Freedom...

4 thoughts on “Anticipation, Fear, Excitement, Freedom…

    • Thank you Bern.
      I LOVED working on this piece and it is one of my favourites as it just expresses everything I was feeling as I embarked on this creative journey and is also what I feel almost every time I begin something new.
      This is a form of expression I hope to return to soon… the adapted self-portrait. I surprised myself with how much I enjoy the process of taking, then manipulating, my photographs.

    • Thank you Desiree. It was fun indeed… just a photograph taken using Photo Booth, printed onto watercolour paper, then I drew on the words with a favourite pen. LOVED doing it… it felt so free and expressive. Would quite like to do drawing directly onto skin though too. x

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