Creative Freedom video

This week, in an attempt to share my art far and wide, I have posted the first video of my art on YouTube. It feels new to be sharing in this way and I hope that doing so will help me reach a wider audience. As with everything on my journey to creative freedom, this is a little experiment. So, here goes… see what you think.

If you would like to experience Creative Freedom for yourself, click here.

A little experiment…

Today, I am conducting a little experiment…
The sun is out and I am feeling playful. With my Art from the Heart workshop less than a fortnight away, I am experimenting with new ways of finding people to make art with.
So today, I am off into London, armed with a handful of handmade flyers and a pocket full of mischief. First stop will by my favourite café where I will enjoy a working breakfast and then, I will be off, leaving a trail of little pieces of brown packaging paper in places I pass through, tucking them into secret spots for people to discover and, if this little experiment works, they will lead them here, to this page.
So, if you found one of these little flyers today, welcome. I imagine this is your first time here. I hope you like what you see and that you will come again. In the mean time, will you please play the next part of this little game with me and leave a comment here, telling me where you found the flyer and, if you feel so inclined, what you thought and how you felt when you read it? Thank you!
And if you see me, out and about (this is me, top right), please say “hello”! It would be a pleasure to meet you.
With love,
Julia x